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My final visual sheets from my tender pack. These versions of my visualisations feature brief descriptive texts that better explain their contents.

A selection of diagrams that featured in my tender pack for my final major project. These images explain the functionality and construction of various features throughout the design. The whole site is comprised of organic structural forms and responsive technology to create a space that feels alive in the way it watches you and reacts to your presence.

Some final images and diagrams from my final major project. Titled the Brixham Neural Network, the design is for an intelligent hub that lies at the centre of a network of pop-up retail shops owned by the council and run by the community in an effort to revitalise the town’s streets and boost its economy. The hub stands as a personal investigation into Hylozoic (living) architecture, responsive interiors and interactive technologies that I believe are the future of contemporary interior design . Our spaces are becoming smarter, soon they’ll need to adapt themselves in real time to our needs. This hub is an experiment into spaces that alter themselves for users. 

Working sketches for my final major project. My concept is for an intelligent hub at the centre of Brixham, Devon. This hub would be the first stop for visitors to the town, providing information and activities using responsive / interactive technologies which I believe hold the key to the future of spatial & interior design. Like my models, these sketches are based on organic forms and parametric architecture styles.

Wax models made while trying to find forms for my final major project. These abstract structures were based on MRI scans of the brain and x-ray images. My current project stemmed from research into neural pathways and brain forms so these sketch models were intended to be loose ways of exploring this theme in 3D.

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